Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting started...

Dalton was talking and completely typical until May 17, 2005. I have video of him talking and playing typically that I cannot watch, without sobbing.. He knew all of his colors, numbers, animals and their noises...he was right on. The only concern I had was that he was tongue tied, he had a smidge of O.C.D. and he needed to be re-circumsized.
He had to have a tongue tie release and a re-circumcision. (May 17, 2005) He couldn't lick his lips and he had an inch of his penis trapped under the skin that was attached the head of his penis, from a botched circumcision. So, he was in pain when he got an erection.
I will never forget that day. Ever. We took him down and the anesthesiologist said that he would 'require more anesthesia because he was a red-head'...we believed him. He got liquid, gas and an IV that day. Upon waking, he was so violent that it took Don (my husband) and 4 nurses to hold him down, then, he screamed for a solid 24 hours and was mute...and I do mean MUTE for 3 months. Not even a whimper.
Then, he was diagnosed with Autism in October of '06. (it took that long to get in to see the psychologist) A year after the diagnosis of Autism and after his last MMR shot (both in July of '07) he started seizing. We took him to the neurologist in Portland and he diagnosed him with Landau Kleffner Syndrome. (LKS)
It's been one hell of ride since then...
By non-verbal, I mean...he grunts (for lack of better words) or sounds like a child before they've learned to talk...that noise they make...The only words he can say clear as day are "NO", "Dada" and "Mum"...
I totally believe that the vaccines have something to do with it. I don't think they cause Autism, or every child would have it. I think that the child's immune system is compromised and then is destroyed when the vaccines are injected. I also believe that when a child is not vaccinated and has Autism and the mother/father claim that it can't possibly be the vaccines that they are forgetting the shots they received when they were pregnant. The flu shot, for instance has the full dose of Thimerosal in it for adults. It is injected into pregnant mothers...and then, put into the bloodstream of our babies...old mercury fillings are the same.

Three examples that I use all the time are these...
1. Mercury and Aluminum can NEVER be mixed according to that chart for chemicals (MSDS)
2. The toxic dose for aluminum in an infant is 25mcg. After receiving all 3 of the HepB vaccinations before the age of 1...they have injected 1,875mcg. of aluminum in our babies...for a shot that isn't even recommended in infants unless their parents are constantly with multiple partners or drug users...and
3. The TOP money making business in the United States? The pharmaceutical companies.
If you get a chance...look up the symptoms of Autism...and then...look up the symptoms of Mercury poisoning...they are identical.

I, like many other parents will NOT give up. Not ever. My son was typical before his vaccinations. I have video. I have proof. I also have the documentation in that cute little blue book that the hospital gave me of when he had said vaccinations...and the decline of my son, in a journal that I kept on Dalton until he was 5 years old. Paper can't debunk paper trails.
(I have O.C.D., and kept journals on both of my kids until they were 5. I kept track of bowel name it. O.C.D. may be a bitch, is my ammunition.)
I think I can speak for my friend in saying if you want to share this, share it. We need to educate...Autism is a man-made epidemic.

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